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Finance Office Orders


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Title UHBVN No. & Date Haryana Govt. No. & Date Download
Sanction payment of statutory bonus @8.33% of the salary 7/FA/HQ/F&B/UH Dated 21.11.2011   Download
Pre-mature promotion to higher post- starting salary-adoption of state Govt. Circular 284/FA/HQ/F&B/UH-183 Dated 21.11.2011 2/10/92-2gs Dated 21.03.2011 Download
Revision of rate of convenyance allowance to blind and orthopadically handicapped 285/FA/HQ/F&B/UH-24 Dated 22.11.2011 5/11/93-1FR Dated 07.06.2011 Download
Grant of Dearness Relief to State Government pensioners/family pensioners on revised rates effective from 01.07.2011 268/FA/HQ/F&B/UH-35 Dated 4.11.2011 4/7/99-2FR/441 Dated 21.10.2011 Download
Diwali Token gift 252/FA/HQ/uh-96 Dated 24.10.2011   Download
UHBVN is pleased to enhance the dearness allowance to its employees from the existing rate of 51 to 58% of the pay w.e.f 01.07.11 of the revised scales. 6/FA/HQRs/UH-20 Dated 18.10.2011 4/1/2009-5FR/404 Dated 10.10.2011 Download
Grant of interest free festival advance to Govt.employees during the year 2011-12 25/FA/HQ/F&B/UH-I Dated 20.10.2011 36/1/2010-WM(6) Dated 13.10.2011 Download
Instruction regarding implementation of provisions of Section-47 of the Persons with disabilities Act,1995. 46/UH/GA-382/L1 Dated 26.09.2011 22/97/2011-1GS Dated 19.09.2011 Download
UHBVNL(Revised Pay Rules,2009)-Discrepancy in Grade Pay. 235/FA/HQ/F&B/UH-183 Dated 10.10.2011   Download
Improving further the structure of Entry Level Pay for the 'Post 01.01.2006 direct recruits in cadres of the UHBVNL 236/FA/HQ/F&B/UH-196 Dated 10.10.2011 1/83/2008-2PR(FD) Dated 16.12.2010 Download
Various clarifications issued by State Govt regarding pay and pension 184/FA/HQ/F&B/UH-230 Dated 20.07.2011 5/27/98-1FR Dated 22.06.2011 Download
Revised structure of admissibility of Travelling Allowance, Daily Allowance, Travelling Entitlement 139/FA/HQ/F&B/UH-95 Dated 16.06.2011 5/27/98-1FR Dated 13.05.2011 Download
Various Clarification relating to pay and allowances 138/FA/HQ/F&B/UH-183(07.06.2011) Dated 07.06.2011 1215/FA/HQ/UH/F&B/L(02.05.2011) Date 02.05.2011 Download
Payment of Dearness Allowance to haryana Government Employees on revises scales of pay 2/FA/HQRs/UH-20 Dated 08.04.2011 4/1/2009-5 FR Dated 04.04.2011 Download
Incentive Scheme introduced by State Government. 34/FA/HQRS/UH/F&B Dated 02.02.2011 NO.6/48/2009-2PR(FD) Dated 16.12.2010 Download
Various clarifications issued by State Govt. regarding pay and pension of its employees/.pensioners relating to 6th Pay Revision. 28/FA/HQ/FB/UH/L Dated 02.02.2011 NO. 4/3/2003-1PR(FD) & No.1/156/2010 Dated 17.01.2011 Download
Revised Structure of admissibility of Traveling Allowance, Daily Allowance, Traveling Entitlement etc. 23/FA/HQ/FB/UH-95 Dated 28.01.2011 No. 5/27/98-1FR Dated 31.12.2010 Download
Grant of Dearness Relief. 1/F&B/HQ/UH/ (17.1.2011) 4/7/99-2FR/27897 (30.11.2010) Download