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Number Date Subject  
Memo No. 33/UH/P27/Misc-366. 03.01.2018 Providing Caste information of all Govt Employees- Providing the data on the said portal i.e. Download
Memo No. 419/UH/HR-II/EBG-1852/NDC. 29.12.2017 Provisional Pension to Sh. M. S. Dhaiya, CE/OP, Rohtak. Download
Memo No. 490/UH/P-285/Fresh Trg. 22.12.2017 AE/Civil attached with Civil Divisions for extensive field/office training. Download
Memo No. 290/UH/GA-382/Vol-I. 18.12.2017 Deletion of Religion, Caste etc. from all Govt Records. Download
Memo No. Spl-I/UH/GA-552/Misc. 12.12.2017 Stepping up of pay of General Category Employee/Retiree at par with Junior Reserved Employee/Retiree on the basis of catchup principle. Download
Memo No. 287/UH/GA-382/Vol-I. 07.12.2017 Action to be taken on recommendations of Harryana Lokayaukta Annual Report 2016-17. Download
Memo No. SPL-I/UH/HR-II/EG-88/Vol-I. 01.12.2017 Selection List of AE/Electrical & AE/Civil Cadre on the basis of GATE Score 2017. Download
Memo No. 463/UH/P-285/Misc Trg. 06.12.2017 Nomination of the Officesr/Officials for workshop on BEE Capacity building programs for DISCOM Officesr/Officials. Download
Memo No. Ch-02/UH/HR-II/EG-108/Vol-III. 30.11.2017 Filling-up one No vacant post of Executive Engineer in the O/o Chief Electrical Inspector to Govt of Haryana on Deputation Basis. Download
Memo No. 31/UH/P-27/Misc-366. 30.11.2017 CWP No 9931 of 2016 (O&M) & Others .................. Download
Memo No. 29/UH/GA-41/Reg. 09.03.2017 UHBVN Employees (Punishment and Appeal) Regulations-2017. Download
Memo No. 679/UH/GA-138/Cadre. 06.11.2017 Cadre Controlling Authorities for Field Staff. Download
Memo No. 282/UH/GA-382/Vol-I. 09.11.2017 Stress the importance economy in use of paper in State Govt Offices and conservation of energy and environment-save paper, Save Environment and Save Energy. Download
Memo No. 342/UH/HR-II/EG.9./Loose. 03.11.2017 Officers/Officials nomination for attending the Workshop of BEE for Discoms scheduled for 8th to 10th Nov, 2017. Download
Memo No. 116/UH/GA-26/Reg./Vol-I. 31.10.2017 SPIO's and First Appellant Authority. Download
Memo No. 137/UH/HR-II/NG-G-16A/Vol-II. 30.10.2017 New Scheme of Leave Travel Concession for visiting Home Town and any place in India for State Govt. Employees. Download
Memo No. 658/UH/HR-II/EG-503. 26.10.2017 Additional work SE/Civil Const., UHBVNL to Sh. S. L. Rai/Const., UHBVL, Panchkula. Download
Memo No. 657/UH/HR-II/EG-49/Voll-II. 25.10.2017 Promotion of Superintendent to Under Secretary/Admn Officer. Download
Memo No. 336/UH/HR-II/NG-G-60/Voll-III. 25.10.2017 Promotion of LDC to UDC. Download
Memo No. 333/UH/HR-II/EBG-503. 24.10.2017 Repatriation Orders of Sh. S.S. Hooda, SE/Civil. Download
Memo No. 17/UH/GA-382/16. 23.10.2017 Functioning of 2 No. Semi-furnished rooms at HPTI Sec-26, Panchkula. Download
Memo No. 58/UH/HR-II/NG-G-159/Vol-III. 18.10.2017 Regarding entry of Officers/Officials in Compound of Secretariat during Haryana Vidhan Sabha Assembly Session(Holidays time). Download
Memo No. 58/UH/HR-II/NG-G-159/Vol-III. 18.10.2017 Special Summary Revision of Electoral Roll w.r.t. 01.01.2018....... Download
Memo No. 321/UH/HR-II/NG/G-119/Vol-II. 13.10.2017 Result of Departmental Type Test held on Dated 19.09.2017 & 20.09.2017. Download
Memo No. 280/UH/GA-382/Vol-I. 06.10.2017 Implementation of Vistor Pass at Haryana Civil Secretariat Chandigarh. Download
Memo No. 45/UH/GA-70/Vol-II. 04.10.2017 Medical Facility to the Nigam Workers (Regular/Contractual) injured in Fatal/Non-Fetal Accident. Download
Memo No. 132/UH/GA-27/REG/Vol-II. 20.09.2017 In exercise of Power conferred Under Section 56 (3) (vi) of Haryana Electricity Reform Act, 1997 read with the Electricity Supply Act, 2003. Download
Memo No. 35/UH/GA-39/Reg. 22.09.2017 Amendment in Regulation No 12, 21, 27 of House Allotment Regulation. Download
Memo No. 01/SPS/CMD/UH&DH. 13.09.2017 CTO, DHBVN. Download
Memo No. 198/UH/HR-II/UH-40. 01.09.2017 Tentative Seniority List of Section Officers in the Scale of Rs. 9300-34800 for the period ending 31.01.2017 . Download
Memo No. 25/UH/GA-135/Vol-11. 04.09.2017 Minutes of Meeting of All Administrative Secretaries held on 22.05.2017 at 10:00 AM under the Chairmanship of Chief Secretary to Govt of Haryana. Download
Memo No. 58/UH/GA-438/Ext/Vol-IV. 21.08.2017 Extension of Engagement period of Persons directly bt the Nigam as well as through contractor posts....... w.e.f 19.08.2017 to 18.02.2018 . Download
Memo No. 257/UH/HR-II/EBG-259. 24.08.2017 3 Months notice served by Sh Sunil Dalal, AE (OP) S/Divn, UHBVN, Jundla for seeking retirement. Download
Memo No. 256/UH/HR-II/NG-G-2/Vol-II. 24.08.2017 Personal Assistant O/o CGRF, UHBVNL Kurukshetra' Download
Memo No. 58/UH/GA-438/Ext./Vol-IV. 21.08.2017 Extension of Engagement period of Persons directly bt the Nigam as well as through contractor posts....... w.e.f 19.08.2017 to 18.02.2018 . Download
Memo No. 35/UH/HR-II/NG-G-119/Vol-II. 16.08.2017 Conducting of Type Test of the Officials (Head Office Cadre & Field Cadre). Download
Memo No. 53/UH/GA-35/Reg. 31.07.2017 Clarification regarding Powers delegated to Director/Projects, UHBVN, Panchkula w.r.t. issuance of No Objection Certificate for the purpose of securing Passport/Visa and Leave for private visit Abroad. Download
Memo No. 222/UH/HR-II/EBG-262. 27.07.2017 Order of Reporting of Sh. Ram Janam Verma, JE-I CDC of AE of Dated 27.07.2017. Download
Memo No. 100/UH/GA-126/Rectt. 14.07.2017 Reservation of SC, BC, EBP, Ex serviceman and Outstanding Sports Persons under the services of Haryana State Re-fixation of Roster point thereof. Download
Memo No. 03UH/HR-II/NG-G-53/Vol-II/Loose. 24.07.2017 Promotion of Offcials. Download
Memo No. 99UH/GA-126/Rectt. 14.07.2017 Reservation of SC, BC EOB Persons, Ex-servicemen and Out-standing Sports Persons under Services of Haryana State - Refixation of Roster point therof. Download
Memo No. 25UH/HR-II/NG-G-195/B 04.07.2017 Regarding grant of Padma Awards on the occasion on Republic Day-2018 by President of India. Download
Memo No. 55 UH/GA-35/Reg/L 01.06.2017 The Powers regardnig Punishment and Appeal are hereby delegated to the officers in UHBVN to decide cases to inflict the minor/major punishment to the officers/officials in UHBVN. Download
Memo No. 112/UH/GA/Pen/Misc/Vol-VIII 27.06.2017 Revision of Pension of pre-01-01-2006 Pensioners. Download
Memo No. 435/Conf-2580 28.06.2017 All XENs and above rank officers be empanelled for conducting regular departmental enquires. Download
Memo No. 189/UH/HR-II/NG-G-339 27.06.2017 Work looked after by the O/o CAO, UHBVNL, Panchkula transferred to the O/o SE/Admin, UHBVNL, Panchkula. Download
Memo No. 7/UH/HR-II/EG-457 27.06.2017 Video Conferencing System. Download
Memo No. 617/UH/HR-II/EBG-530 23.06.2017 Sh. Suresh Kumar Assitant Engineer is rienstated with immediate effect subject to outcome of pending court case. Download
Memo No. 25/UH/HR-II/EBG-644 20.06.2017 Sh. Ajay Hooda Assitant Engineer/Electrical in UHBVN discharged from the Service with immediate effect. Download
Memo No. 107/SE/Admn/REG-13/L 18.05.2017 Compensation Policy for the fatal/non-fatal accidernts of human Beings due to electrocution & compensation for the Nigam Employees, Contractual Employees & Private Persons Download
Memo No. 107/UH/GA-4/Reg/Vol-I 05.06.2017 Amendments in Sub Regulation-9 (2) of the PSEB Sevices of Engineers (Civil), Recruitment Regulations, 1965. Download
Memo No. 108/UH/GA-4/Reg/Vol-I 05.06.2017 Amendments in Sub Regulation-9 (2) of the PSEB Sevices of Engineers (Civil), Recruitment Regulations, 1965. Download
Memo No. 02/UH/GA-382/Vol-I 23.05.2017 Celebration of World Environment day 05.06.2017. Download
Memo No. 416/Conf-4160 23.05.2017 Charge Sheet issued to Sh. Pawan Garg, AE. Download
Memo No. 07/UH/GA-382/15 17.05.2017 Regarding implementation of E-Stamping in the State. Download
Memo No. 396/UH/GA-10(3)/Vol-II 03.05.2017 Writing of APRs/ACRs of Officers/Officials. Download
Memo No. 396/UH/GA-10(3)/Vol-II 21.04.2017 Contract Extension of Hartron Computer Professionals. Download
Memo No. 05/UH/GA-382/15 18.04.2017 Regarding implementation of e-stamping in the State Download
Memo No. 3/UH/HR-II/EG-108/L 17.04.2017 Filling up of Vacancy of Chief Engineer (Electrical), Group 'A' on deputation basis or as Consultant-Reg Download
Memo No. 76/UH/GA-789/Union Matter 18.04.2017 Regularization of Absence period of Strike on 02.09.2016. Download
Memo No. 10/UH/GA-35/Reg./Vol-II 12.04.2017 Engagement of Apprentices under Apprenticeship Act-1961 Download
Memo No. 33/UH/GA-35/Reg./Vol-II 06.04.2017 Amendment in Delegation of Power No 21(b). Download
Memo No. 05/UH/HR-II/EBG-508/Vol-I 06.04.2017 Transfer of Officials/officers in the rank of XEN upto JE of UHBVNL. Download
Memo No. 07/UH/HR-II/EBG-508/Vol-I 06.04.2017 Transfer of officers in the rank of Superintending Engineer. Download
Memo No. 57/UH/GA-60/Reg./Vol-I 05.04.2017 Transfer Policy for Officials/Officers in the rank of XEN upto JE of UHBVNL Download
Memo No. Ch-03/UH/GA-382/15 30.03.2017 Amendment in Delegation of Power No 68 Download
Memo No. Ch-25/UH/GA-35/Reg/Vol-II 30.03.2017 Amendment in Delegation of Power No 26 B (ii) & C. Download
Memo No. Ch-03/UH/GA-382/15 29.03.2017 Regarding implementation of E-Stamping in the State. Download
Memo No. Ch-102/UH/HR-II/EG-144 30.03.2017 Filling up the one post of Chairperson and one post Member of the Consumer Grievances Redressal Forum (CGRFI' Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam.. Download
Memo No. Ch-103/UH/Pen/Misc./Vol-VIII 20.03.2017 Filling up the post of clerk on transfer basis in Haryana Civil Secretariat. Download
Memo No. Ch-58/UH/HR-II/NG-G-19 21.03.2017 Filling up the post of clerk on transfer basis in Haryana Civil Secretariat. Download
Memo No. Ch-42/UH/GA-NIT-6 16.03.2017 Cancellation of NIT-6 dated 26.08.2016. Download
Memo No. Ch-34/UH/GA-786/CM Window 14.03.2017 Regarding marking of complaints/grievance forwarded from CM Grievances portal (CM Window). Download
Memo No. Ch-3/UH/HR-II/EG-508 08.03.2017 Transfers of officials/officers in the rank of JE and above of UHBVN on sympathetic grounds. Download
Memo No. 77/UH/HR-II/NG/G-119/Voll-II. 07.03.2017 Result of the Departmrntal Type Test of LDC's(Head Office/Field Cadre) conducted on dt. 27.02.2017 and 28.02.2017. Download
Memo No. 648/UH/GA-686/Cadre. 01.03.2017 Approval of 161 No. Posts of various categories for Information Technology (IT) Cadre in UHBVNL alongwith abolition of 374 No posts of various categories. Download
Memo No. 100/UH/Pen/Misc/Vol-VIII. 15.02.2017 Extension of benefits of "Retirement Gratuity and Death Gratuity" to the Haryana Government employees covered by New Defined Contributory pension scheme (known as NPS). Download
Memo No. 20/UH/HRII/NG/G119/V-II/L. 17.02.2017 Conducting the Type Test of Lower Division Clerks. Download
Memo No. 53/UH/GA-293/A-II/L. 14.02.2017 Weeding out record of Litigation Branch of Law and Legislative Department, Haryana. Download
Memo No. 73/UH/GA-789/Union Matter. 08.02.2017 Request for regularization of absence period during strike/ agitation by worker's Unions in HPUs. Download
Memo No. 04/UH/GA-382/13. 02.02.2017 Regarding Training course fee to be charged from Haryana Government Departments. Download
Memo No. 646/UH/GA-645/Cadre. 31.01.2017 Additional Charge of FA/HPPC. Download
Memo No. 217/UH/GA/382/LII/Vol-I.. 16.01.2017 Filling affidavit/written statement in the Hon'ble High Court in the cases, wherein specific directions have been issued to Chief Secretary. Download
Memo No. Spl-I/UH/GA-382/II/Vol-I. 13.01.2017 Judgment of Supreme Court of India Civil Appeal No. 6373 of 2010 and Civil Appeal No 2759 Arising out of SLP (C) No 12858 of 2009 Download
Memo No. Ch-09/UH/HR-II/NG-G-119-L. 13.01.2017 The Departmental Type Test of the Officials (Head Office Cadre/Field Cadre) Download
Memo No. Ch-261/UH/GA-382/Vol-I. 09.01.2017 Display of Swaran Jayanti Logo on Printed Matrial Download
Memo No. 127/UH/GA/10/REG 06.01.2017 SAS Accountant now Section Officer Download
Memo No. Ch-51/UH/GA/293/A-II/Loose. 09.01.2017 Complaint against Non-Observance of Haryana State Litigation Policy 2010, National State Litigation Policy with Binding Orders of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India........ Download
Memo No. 46/UH/GA/-733 04.01.2017 Biometric Attendence in Field Offices of UHBVNL. Download