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Number Date Subject  
Memo No. 43/UH/GA/-733 29.12.2016 Biometric Attendence in Field Offices of UHBVNL. Download
Memo No. 03/UH/HR-II/NG-G-119/Vol-I 27.12.2016 Grant of Additional Increment to the Empl;oyees of the Nigam for passing typing test in 2nd langauage. Download
Memo No. 27/UH/GA-786/cm Window/ 08.12.2016 Instructions regarding uploading of Grievances/Complaints of Employees on C. M. Window Download
Memo No. 86/UH/GA-126/Rectt/ 06.12.2016 Notification dated 17.08.2016 regarding to amend the financial criteria for SC/BC categories. Download
Memo No. 70/UH/GA-789/Union Matter 05.12.2016 Agitation/Strike by the worker Union on dated 02.09.2016 and from 19.04.2016 to 30.06.2016-Instructions thereof regarding "No Work No Wages". Download
Memo No. 258/UH/GA-382/Vol-I/ 29.11.2016 Official visits of Hon'ble CM in any District of Haryana State. Download
Memo No. 252/UH/GA-382/Vol-I/ 21.11.2016 Issuing of Caste/Community Certificate to SC/ST and OBC for Central Govt. Service. Download
Memo No. 110/UH/HR-II/NG/G/33/Vol-II/3/3 24.11.2016 Reservation in Services and Admission in Educational Institutions. Download
Memo No. 50/UH/GA/60/Reg. 25.11.2016 Trophies/Awards to good performers Download
Memo No. 14/UH/HR-II/EG-399 23.11.2016 Submission of Annual property return by Govt. Employee. Download
Memo No. 05/UH/GA-382/8 21.11.2016 Counting of Miltary Service towards earned leave to Ex-Servicemen. Download
Memo No. 48/Misc-190/Vol-4/P-II 08.11.2016 Regarding supply of information/record in Vigilance Enquiries. Download
Memo No. 40/UH/GA/733 07.11.2016 Strategy for Adhar Seeding of Gonvernment employees, Boards and Corporations etc-regarding. Download
Memo No. 25/UH/GA/786/CM-Window 07.11.2016 Instructions regarding the uploading of Grievances/Complaints of employees on CM-Window Download
Memo No. 45/UH/HR-II/NG-G-159 28.10.2016 Request for non deployment of handicapped personel on Election Duty Download
Memo No. 11/UH/GA-137/Rectt/Court Case 20.10.2016 LPA 570, CWP of 14624, 14630,16953,17101,17162,23993,25090,26174,28667 Download
Memo No. SPL-1/UH/GA-789/Union Matter 19.10.2016 Regularisation of absentee period during agitation. Download
Memo No. 210/UH/GA/382/L-II/Vol-I 17.10.2016 Providing complete Paper Book of the case including petition with complete Annexure alongwith letters issued to the office Adovcate General Haryana for the defence of the case on behalf of the State. Download
Memo No. 250/UH/GA/382/Vol-I 14.10.2016 Quick disposal of claims/service matter of employees. Download
Memo No. 95/UH/Pen/Misc/Vol-III 13.10.2016 Implementation of Revised Pension Rules (Part-II) 2009 Clarification regarding. Download
Memo No. 248/UH/GA/382/Vol-I 22.09.2016 Implementation of Vistors Pass at Haryana Civil Secreteriat, Chandigarh. Download
Memo No. 194/UH/HR-II/NG-G-119/L 20.09.2016 The Departmental Type Test of LDCs (Head Office Cadre/Field Cadre) Download
Memo No. 245/UH/GA/382/Vol-I 14.09.2016 Regarding taking decisions on the Representation/Notices communication of decision taken to the people concerned. Download
Memo No. 523/UH/HR-II/262 14.09.2016 JE-I CDC. Download
Memo No. 241/UH/GA-382/Vol-I 14.09.2016 Regarding the process of preparing the Resident/Caste Certificates in respect of Officers/Officials working in the Haryana State Officers at Chandigarh/Panchkula. Download
Memo No. 639/UH/GA-19/C 02.09.2016 Shifting of XEN/Const. Division UHBVNL, Ambala to Kurukshetra. Download
Memo No. 37/UH/HR-II/NG/G-59/Vol-IV 02.09.2016 Call given by Central Trade Unions for Country-wide strike on 02.09.2016. Download
Memo No. 22/UH-HR-II/EG-495 02.09.2016 Filling up the post of Director Principlal, HPTI from amongest the existing Chief Engineer/Electrical fro HPUs. Download
Memo No. 125/UH/GA-4/REG 01.09.2016 Qualification for Direct Appointment as Assistant Engineers(Electrical) Download
Memo No. 361/UH/HR-II/NG-G-48/Vol-II 24.08.2016 For promotion of Assistant to Deputy Supritendents Download
Memo No. 22/UH/HR-II/NG-G-59/Vol-IV 30.08.2016 Call for strike on dated 02.09.2016 (Friday) Download
Memo No. SPL-I/UH/HR-II/NG-G-59/Vol-IV 31.08.2016 Call for strike on dated 02.09.2016 (Friday) Download
Memo No. 16/UH/HR-II/NG-G-59/Vol-IV 23.08.2016 Call for strike on dated 02.09.2016 (Friday) Download
Memo No. 15/UH/HR-II/NG-G-59 23.08.2016 Call for strike on dated 02.09.2016 (Friday) Download
Memo No. 17/UH/HR-II/NG-G-59/Vol-IV 24.08.2016 Call for strike on dated 02.09.2016 (Friday) Download
Memo No. 120/UH/HR-II/NG-G-155 26.08.2016 Restriction of entry in Officer Compound during Haryana Vidhan Sabha Assembly Session Download
Memo No. 68/UH/HR-II/EG-62/AMIE/Voll-II 23.08.2016 Tentative Ranking List in respect of Engineering Subordinates (General Cadre) possessing AMIE/BE qualification in Electrical Engineering as it stood on 01.01.2009, 01.01.2010, 01.01.2011, 01.01.2012, 01.01.2013, 01.01.2014, 01.01.2015, 01.01.2016 Download
Memo No. 13/UH/HR-II/NG-G-59/Vol-IV 23.08.2016 Call for strike on dated 02.09.2016 (Friday) Download
Memo No. 638/UH/GA-478/Cadre 17.08.2016 New Nomenclature for CE and SE of UHBVN. Download
Memo No. 233/UH/GA-382/Vol-I 12.08.2016 Removal of delay in filling appeals-Strict compliance of Clause 9.3 of the Haryana State Litigation Policy. Download
Memo No. 251/Conf-3696 09.08.2016 Order of Sh. Raj Kumar, AE (OP) S/Divn. UHBVN, Badli. Download
Memo No. 1/RTI/Nodal/06/2016/CS 14.06.2016 Weeding out of records pertaining to RTI Applications- Prescription of Retention Period. Download
Memo No. 49/UH/GA-293/A-II/L 09.08.2016 Formulation of State Litigation Policy-steps for avoiding un-necessary Litigation regarding. Download
Memo No. 94/UH/GA-438/Ext./Vol-IV 10.08.2016 Extention of engagement period of persons directly by Nigam as well as through Contractor against sanctined posts w.e.f. 17.08.2016 to 16.02.2016. Download
Memo No. 187/UH/HR/II/NG-G-119/L 01.08.2016 Conducting the Type Test of Lower Division Clerks. Download
Memo No. 300/UH/HR/II/NG-G-119/L 28.07.2016 Type Test of LDC. Download
Memo No. 54/UH/789/Union Matter 21.07.2016 Minutes of meeting held on 02.07.2016 under the Chairmanship of Hon'ble Transport Minister, Haryana with representatives of Joint Action Committee, Power regarding the charter of demands dated 18.04.2016. Download
Memo No. 636/UH/GA/656/Cadre/Vol-I 20.07.2016 Nomenclature and Pay Scales in UHBVN in the Field Ministrial Cadre at par with Head Office Cadre w.e.f. 16.05.2016. Download
Memo No. 143/UH/HR-II/NG-G-130/L. 18.07.2016 Change of Cadre of Non-Gazette from Head Office to Field Cadre and vice versa on the posts having same nature of duty Download
Memo No. 282/UH/HR-II/EBG-2814/Vol-III. 15.07.201 Tier-I & Tier-II Committee Download
Memo No. 230/UH/GA-382/Vol-I. 13.07.2016 Extension of Proper Courtecy to Citizens. Download
Memo No. 201/UH/GA-382/Loose-II/Vol-I. 13.07.2016 Monitoring of Court Cases in the Hon'ble Courts and to minimize the litigation. Download
Memo No. 179/UH/HR-II-NG-G-119/L. 04.07.2016 Conducting Type Test of the officials (Head Office Cadre/Field Cadre) Download
Memo No. 79/UH/GA-293/Loose 04.07.2016 Haryana State Ligitimate Policy, 2010. Download
Memo No. 68/UH/HR-II/ACR-10/Genl3 29.06.2016 Communication of every entry of ACR Download
Memo No. 142/UH/HR-II/NG-59 27.06.2016 Call for strike on dated 29th 30th June 2016(Wednessday and Thursday) Download
Memo No. 139/UH/HR-II/NG-G-59 27.06.2016 Call for strike on dated 29th 30th June 2016(Wednessday and Thursday) Download
Memo No. 132/UH/HR-II/NG-G-59 27.06.2016 Call for strike on dated 29th 30th June 2016(Wednessday and Thursday) Download
Memo No. 13/UH/GA/70/Voll-II 22.06.2016 Regarding Medical Reimbursement Claims Download
Memo No. 121/UH/HR-II/NG-G-59 22.06.2016 Call for strike on dated 29th 30th June 2016(Wednessday and Thursday) Download
Memo No. 1/UH/HR-II/NG-G-59-Voll-III 22.06.2016 Call for strike on dated 29th 30th June 2016(Wednessday and Thursday) Download
Memo No. 05/UH/HR-II/NG-G-340 21.06.2016 Submission of Annual property return by Govt employees Download
Memo No. 6/UH/HR-II/EG-108-Loose 21.06.2016 Appointment of officers on deputation to REC Download
Memo No. 501/UH/HR-II/EBG-171 17.06.2016 Sh. Tarun Gupta, Sr. AO & Sh. H. V. Sharma, Sr. AO Officers to look after the work of O/o of Sh. Vinay Sindhwani, Sr. AO during the his leave period Download
Memo No. 21/UH/HR-II/NG-G-195/B 09.06.2016 Online nomination/recommendation for Padam awards Download
Memo No. 2/UH/HR-II/EG-108/Loose 17.06.2016 Regarding filling up of one post of Assistant Registrar and one post of Under Secretary on deputation basis. Download
Memo No. 52/UH/GA-218-Vol-II 17.06.2016 Selection for the post of Member in the Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission_ Invitation for applications_Regarding. Download
Memo No. 221/UH/GA-382/Vol-I 06.06.2016 Submission of Passport application by Government employee: prior Intimation/Permission/No Objection Certificate regarding. Download
Memo No. 02/UH/GA-783 06.06.2016 Amendment in Haryana Right to Information Rules. 2009. Download
Memo No. 226/UH/HR-II/EG-111 03.06.2016 Functioning of Flood Control Room of UHBVN Panchkula. Download
Memo No. 5/UH/HR-II/EG-494 26.05.2016 Administrative affairs of M&P Circle, UHBVN, Panchkula. Download
Memo No. 635/UH/GA/61/Cadre 26.05.2016 The area wise revised list of distribution of work against each M&P Division. Download
Memo No. 26/UH/GA/719 27.05.2016 Revision of DA to Contractual Employees of UHBVNL from 119% to 125% w.e.f. 01.01.2016 Download
Memo No. 70/UH/P-16/L-143/16 25.05.2016 Agitation by the Nigam Employees on call of Haryana Joint Action Committee, Power against Privatisation of 23 Nos Sub Division. Download
Memo No. 183/UH/HR-II/EBG/2814/Vol-III 11.05.2016 Refixation of the Seniorities after 01.01.1998 in compliance of the decision of Hon'ble Punjab and Haryana High Court Chandigarh in CWP No. 16330 of 2005 titled as Parveen Arora V/s HPGCL & othrs with connected cases Download
Memo No. 64/UH/HR-II/NG/G/59 10.05.2016 Refixation of the Seniorities after 01.01.1998 in compliance of the decision of Hon'ble Punjab and Haryana High Court Chandigarh in CWP No. 16330 of 2005 titled as Parveen Arora V/s HPGCL & othrs with connected cases Download
Memo No. 101/UH/GA/Reg/35 10.05.2016 Delegation of the powers to a committee comprising the Directors(Technical-I & Technical-II), UHBVN to decide the charge-sheets/show cause notices to AE/AEE & other equivalent rank officers Download
Memo No. 174/UH/HR-II/NG/G/53 28.04.2016 UDC for promotion to the rank of Assistants in the scale of Rs. 9300-34800/-. Download
Memo No. 62/UH/HR-II/NG/G/59 10.05.2016 Mass Casual Leave on 11.05.2016 (Wednessday) Download
Memo No. 61/UH/HR-II/NG/G/59 10.05.2016 Mass Casual Leave on 11.05.2016 (Wednessday) Download
Memo No. 60/UH/HR-II/NG/G/59 10.05.2016 Mass Casual Leave on 11.05.2016 (Wednessday) Download
Memo No. 482/UH/HR-II/EG/60 06.05.2016 Director on Board of Directors UHBVN. Download
Memo No. 59/UH/HR-II/NG/G-59/Vol-VIII 05.05.2016 Agitation given by the Haryana Joint Action Committee, Power against privatisation of 23 Nos. Sub Divisions - Mass Casual Leave . Download
Memo No. 86/UH/Pen/Misc/Vol-VIII 02.05.2016 Revision of Pension of Pre-01.01.2006 Pensioners. Download
Memo No. 634/UH/GA/61/Cadre 26.04.2016 Revised Sanctioned Strength of M&P Wing in UHBVNL. Download
Memo No. 250/UH/GA/10(3)/Vol-I 20.04.2016 Computer Professionals engaged through M/s Hartron in UHBVN. Download
Memo No. 66/UH/HR-II/Pen-2015/Cadre 11.04.2016 Re-fixation of Seniority of the Officials, who re-gained their Seniority. Download
Memo No. 26/UH/Loose-I/Pen-2015/Cadre 06.04.2016 The Haryana Compassionate Assistance to the DEpendent of Deceased Government Employees Rules-2003. Download
Memo No. 190/UH/GA-382/Loose-II/Vol-I 06.04.2016 Empanelment of Advoctaes for Boards/Corporations/Universities/Cooperative Banks. Download
Memo No. 633/UH/GA-683/Cadre 05.04.2016 Approval of Creation of Khizrabad after bifurcation of existing 'OP' SD Chhachrauli and SD Jagadhari. Download
Memo No. 20/UH/HR/II/NG-G-335 05.04.2016 Tentative Seniority List of LDC (Head Office)of UHBVNL w.e.f. 01.09.2013 to 31.12.2015 Download
Memo No. 19/UH/GA-719 04.04.2016 Regarding Payment of Salaries of All Contractual Employees. Download
Memo No. 203/UH/GA-382/Vol-I 30.03.2016 Regarding Recovery of Excess Payments/Amount made to Government Employees. Download
Memo No. 188/UH/GA-382/Vol-I/Loose-II 30.03.2016 Miscllaneous expences payable by Administrative Department and Boards/Coorporations and other statutory Bodies Law Ooficers at Delhi for filling the cases in Supreme Court of India and others Courts at Delhi. Download
Memo No. 118/UH/GA-273 15.03.2016 Broadband connection alongwith Smart Wi-Fi-Hub Device for O/o MD, UHBVN, Panchkula. Download
Memo No. 226/UH/GA-120 18.03.2016 UHBVN enhanced the amount of Gift Price from 7500 to 10,000 being given to its employees at the time of their retirement. Download
Memo No. 41/UH/GA-26/Reg/Vol-I 17.03.2016 Designated and Appointed Officers of UHBVNL under the RTI Act 2005 as on 10.02.2016. Download
Memo No. 35/UH/GA-26/Reg/Vol-I 17.03.2016 Designated and Appointed Officers of UHBVNL under the RTI Act 2005 as on 10.02.2016. Download
Memo No. 196/UH/GA-382/Vol-I 03.03.2016 Regarding the Character Verification. Download
Memo No. 81/UH/Pen/Misc/Vol-VIII 26.02.2016 Introduction of proper address for correspondence in the Pension/Familiy Pension Cases 2. Instructions in respect of Pension/Familiy Pension Cases. Download
Memo No. 194/UH/GA-382/Vol-I 01.03.2016 Introduction of Child Care Leave (CCL) for Women Govt. Employees. Download
Memo No. 38/UH/HR-438/Ext./Vol.IV. 23.02.2016 Extension and engagement period of persons engaged directly by the Nigam as well as through Contractor against sanctioned posts w.e.f. 15.02.2016 to 14.08.2016. Download
Memo No. 80/UH/HR-II/NG-G-59/Vol.II. 19.02.2016 For attending the Control Room round the clock supervision in the view of on gong agitation in Haryana. Download
Memo No. 18/UH/HR-II-NG-G-195/B. 19.02.2016 Cancellation of Leave and Manintenanace of Headquarters by all Officers and Staff Download
Memo No. 48/UH/HR-II-NG-G-119/L. 09.02.2016 Regarding the Remuneration/Refreshment for the employees who appointed as Presiding Officers/Assitant Presiding Officers/Polling Officers in Panchayat General Elections Download
Memo No. 48/UH/HR-II-NG-G-119/L. 03.02.2016 Departmental Type Test of LDC (Head Office Cadre/Field Cadre) conducted on 27.01.2016 and 28.01.2016 Download
Memo No. Ch-171/UH/HR-II-NG-G-119-L. 02.02.2016 Shifting of the office of CRRF from Panchkula to Kurukshetra Download
Memo No. 192/UH/GA-533. 22.01.2016 Guest House/Rest House rates are adopted in the UHBVNL on the analogy of HVPNL Download
Memo No. Ch-171/UH/HR-II-NG-G-119-L. 19.01.2016 Conducting the Type Test of Lower Division Clerks NGE: Sh. Azad Singh, LDC Download
Memo No. Ch-16/UH/HR-II-NG-G-195/B. 18.01.2016 Celebrating of every 25th January as "National Voters Day"-Regarding. Download
Memo No. Ch-169/UH/HR-II-NG-G-119/Loose. 15.01.2016 Conducting the type test of Lower Division Clerks. Download
Memo No. Ch-72/UH/HR-II-NG-G-33/Vol-3/3. 11.01.2016 Grant of reservation in promotion to Scheduled Caste Category employee in Class-III and Class IV posts in the service of Haryana Govt/Governement Undertaking and Public Sector Undertaking Download
Memo No. Ch-25/UH/GA-35/Reg. 06.01.2016 DOP No. 63A regarding the Medical Reimbersement/Advances claims of UHBVN Employees/Pensioners and their dependents amendments thereof Download
Memo No. Ch-105/UH/HR-II/NG-G-159-Vol-II. 05.01.2016 5th Panchayat General Elections - Issuance of NDC Clarification regarding Download