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Number Date Subject  
Memo No. Ch-72/UH/HR/GA-382 30.12.2015 Introduction of Integrated transport services in tricity for Govt. employees. Download
Memo No. Ch-30/UH/GA-70/Vol-I 30.12.2015 Empanelment of private hospitals for treatment of employees/ officers/ pensioners/ their dependants. Download
Office Order No. 105//UH/GA-129/Rectt. 12.12.2015 The UHBVNL is pleased to approve the qulification, experience criteria and other conditions for the post of Director/Finance. Download
Office Order No. 1074/UH/GA-533 19.12.2015 Revised rate on rest/guest house of UHBVN at Rohtak & Panchkula. Download
Memo No. Ch-70/UH/GA-382 27.11.2015 Reduction in the age of superannuation from 60 years to 58 years of Government Employees and from 62 to 60 years in cases of Group D employees. Download
Memo No. Ch-34/UH/HR-II/ACR-10A/2013 13.11.2015 Action to be taken on the Recommendations of Haryana Lokayukta Annual Report 2013-14. Download
Memo No. Ch-166/UH/GA-382/II 14.11.2015 Empanelment of Councels for Defending Cases. Download
Memo No. Ch-03/UH/GA-126/Rectt./Loose 11.11.2015 Grant of reservation in Jobs under Govt./Govt. Undertaking & Local Bodies as well as in admission in Govt./Govt. Aided Education/Technical/Pofessional Institutions. Download
Memo No. Ch-202/UH/GA-227 07.11.2015 Providing of Uniform & Washing allowance to all eligible categories of Class-III & IV employees of UNBVN. Download
Memo No. Ch-2/UH/HR-II/NG-G-59/Vol-III 04.11.2015 Request for providing "Protection" to the SC/BC Employees affiliated to our union. Download
Memo No. Ch-31/ACR-10/GEN-2014 04.11.2015 Writing/Submission of APRs/ACRs for the year 2013-14 and Pending ACRs for previous years, if any. Download
Memo No. Ch-91/UH/HR-II/NG 31.10.2015 Attendance of Officers/Officials during Haryana Assembly Session. Download
Memo No. Ch-90/UH/HR-II/EG-108 31.10.2015 Filling-up various posts in Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission. Download
Memo No. Ch-37/UH/GA-126/Rectt. 28.10.2015 Reservation of posts for Ex-servicemen in direct recruitment to the Class-III and IV posts. Download
Memo No. Ch-58/UH/GA-382 16.10.2015 Maintaining Headquarters during week days and holidays. Download
Memo No. Ch-24/UH/GA/-218 Vol-I 10.10.2015 Directives given to DISCOMEs under commission's order on Aggregated Revenue Requirement of UHBVN and DHVBNL for their Distributions and Retail Supply Business under MYT Framework for the control period FY-2014-15 to FY-2016-2017 and Distribution and Retail Supply Tariff for FY-2014-15. Download
Memo No. Ch-146/UH/HR-II/NG-G-159 10.10.2015 General Election to the Haryana Vidhan Sabha General Election, 2014-Declaration of Holiday / Special Casual Leave (Paid) on 15.10.2015 (Wednesday). Download
Office Order 415/UH/HR-II/NG-G-119/L 09.10.2015 Committiee of officers/officials constituted for type test of the LDCs. Download
Memo No. Ch-127/UH/HR-II/NG-G-159 18.09.2015 General Election to the Haryana Vidhan Sabha, 2014-Model Code of conduct. Download
Memo No. Ch-54/UH/GA-382 26.09.2015 Counting of Military Service towords Casual Leave to Ex-Servicemen. Download
Memo No. Ch-177/UH/GA-35/Reg. 22.09.2015 Amendment in Delegation of Power No 5 (a) & 12. Download
Memo No. Ch-131/UH/HR-II/NG-G-159 22.09.2015 Haryana Vidhan Sabha General Election, 2014- Schedule of meeting with the ESI's Officers at Chandigarh - Regarding. Download
Office Order 1055/UH/GA-700 18.09.2015 Constituted to scrutinize each disciplinary case of AE/AEE fo taking decision. Download
Memo No. Ch-52/UH/GA-438 18.09.2015 Donation of one day salary for flood victims in Jammu & Kashmir. Download
Memo No. Ch-65/UH/GA-438/Ext.Vol-II 16.09.2015 Policy for engaging/outsourcing of services/activities. Download
Memo No. Ch-128/UH/HR-II/NG-G-159 18.09.2015 General Elections to the State Legislative Assembly of Haryana 2014-Application of Model Code of Conduct-Display of photo of Political Functionaries on beneficiary card, electric bills, construction site plaques etc.- Clarification regarding. Download
Memo No. Ch-195/UH/GA-227 04.09.2015 Providing of Uniform & Washing allowance to all eligible categories of Class-III & IV employees of UHBVN. Download
Memo No. Ch-54/UH/GA-438 04.09.2015 Policy for engaging/outsourcing of services/activities. Download
Memo No. Ch-113/UH/GA-211 08.09.2015 Regularization of services of Group-C and D employees appointed/engaged on contract basis-amendment therein. Download
369/HR-II/NG-G-301/VOL-II/HARTRON 04.09.2015 Regularisation of DEO enggaged through M/S HARTRON Download
Memo No. Ch-82/UH/GA-382 29.09.2015 Raising the age from 58 to 60 years of Govt. employees and 62 years in case of Group-D employees. Download
Memo No. Ch-5/UH/GA-70/Loose/Memorandum 28.08.2015 Uniformity in approved hospitals of Power Utilities. Download
Memo No. Ch-143/UH/GA-612 28.08.2015 Policy for re-engagement of retired officers/ officials on contractual basis against sanctioned vacant post on Haryana Power Utilities. Download
Office Order 57/UH/GA-45/Cadre 25.08.2015 Redesignation of the Post of Controller of Finance. Download
Memo No. Ch-56/UH/GA-211 27.08.2015 Regularization of services of Group-C and D employees/ workers. Download
Memo No. Ch-4/UH/GA/ST/705 20.08.2015 Time frame payment of fees bill to Advocates. Download
Memo No. Ch-44/UH/GA-382/L 19.08.2015 To review/monitor the filling jof replies/affigavits in Hon'ble court well before time/Court Case Monitoring System & Prompt disposal of court cases. Download
Memo No. Ch-Spl-1/UH/HR-II/NG-G-159 07.08.2015 General Election to the Haryana Vidhan Sabha-2014 SEHYOG. Download
Memo No. Ch-3/UH/GA/TA/L 31.07.2015 Sanctioning of TA bills for attending the Hon'ble High Court, Chandigarh. Download
Memo No. Ch-36/UH/HR-II/EG-6 23.07.2015 Instructions regarding transfer and postings. Download
Memo No. Ch-1/UH/HR-II/EG-463 21.07.2015 Non submission of Trial Balance for the month of March-2014. Download
Memo No. Ch-34/UH/GA-382/L 16.07.2015 Allocation of Business and disposal of works at various levels of the Government- Implementation of Court order and filing joint reply. Download
Memo No. Ch-28/UH/GA-382 14.07.2015 Initiating of action for violation of election laws-regarding. Download
Office Order No. 1025/UH/GA-533 14.07.2015 Revised rate on rest/guest house of UHBVN at Rohtak & Panchkula. Download
Memo No. Ch-30/UH/GA-382 09.07.2015 Regarding Haryana Right to Service Act-2014. Download
Memo No. Ch-3/UH/GA-211 03.07.2015 Policy for engaging/outsourcing of services/ activities-guidelines for compliance of labour laws. Download
Memo No. Ch-174/UH/GA-35 04.07.2015 Amendment in Delegation of Power No.59 (A) Download
Memo No. Ch-177/UH/GA-39 08.07.2015 Amendment in House Allotment Regulation-12(IV). Download
Office Order No. 34/UH/GA-382 04.07.2015 Policy for engaging/outsourcing of services/activities. Download
Office Order No. 168/UH/GA-35/Reg. 04.07.2015 Amendment in Delegation of Power No. 49. Download
Memo No. 26/UH/GA-382 30.06.2015 Transfer Policy: Regarding transfer of Gazetted Officer in their Home Districts. Download
Memo No Ch-22/UH/GA-218 01.07.2015 Seeking of review/clarifications and orders of the Commission on various issuses by the Power Utilities of Haryana. Download
Office Order No. 243/UH/HR-II/NG-G-119/L 25.06.2015 Type Test of LDC's working in the various officers of UHBVN {HQ Cader Only}. Download
Memo No. Ch-2/UH/GA/TA/Loose. 18.06.2015 Sanctioning of TA Bills for attanding the Hon'ble High Courts, Chandigarh. Download
Memo No. Ch-158/UH/GA-358/Loose-II. 12.06.2015 Empanelment of Counsel for defending the cases of Boards/Corporations/Autonomous Bodies/ MCs in state Consumer Forums and Punjab & Haryana High court, Chandigarh. Download
Memo No. Ch-6/UH/GA-35/Reg. 06.06.2015 Amendment in Delegation of Power No. 26 B (ii) & C. Download
Memo No. Ch-8/UH/GA-59/Reg/L 05.06.2015 Draft Promotion Policy of HVPN, 2014 for Class-I posts-supply of suggestion by 26.05.14. Download
Memo No. Ch-18/UH/GA-126/Rectt. 09.06.2015 Deletion of objtctionable words from letter No. 22/10/2013-1GSIII dated 28.02.2013. Download
Memo No. Ch-103/UH/HR-II/NG-G/160/L 30.05.2015 Issues regarding roster/filling-up the backlog of SC/BC employees/non-implementation of court case/re-fixing of seniority etc. Download
Office Order No. 1004/UH/GA-533 02.06.2015 Revised rate on rest/guest house of UHBVN at Rohtak & Panchkula. Download
Memo No. Ch-09/UH/GA-673 26.05.2015 Instruction regaring disciplinary cases. Download
Memo No. Ch-22/UH/GA-382/L 23.05.2015 Stepping up of pay of senior General Category employees at par with their Juniors counterparts categories employees. Download
Memo No. Ch-80/UH/GA-382 22.05.2015 Regarding re-employment of Government officials/officers after superannuation. Download
Memo No. Ch-25/ACR-10/Gen-2013 02.05.2015 Writing/Submissinon of ACR/APR for the period 2013-2014 and Property Rerurns. Download
Memo No. Ch-19/UH/HR-II/ACR-10A/Gen-2013 15.04.2015 Writing/Submissinon of Annual Confidential Reports in time: instructions regarding. Download
Memo No. Ch-13/UH/GA-382/L 29.04.2015 General Election to Lok Sabha, 2014-Partial relaxation of restiction on regular adminisitrative work/ development work of state Government. Download
Memo No. Ch-11/UH/GA-382/L 28.04.2015 Procedure for consideration of specific proposals fo Public Enterprises. Download
Memo No. Ch-26/UH/GA-382/Loose/Vol-IV 28.04.2015 To reviw/monitor the filing of replies/affidavits in the Hon'ble Court well before time. Download
Memo No. Ch-08/UH/GA-382 25.04.2015 Adolition of distinction between Technical and Non-Technical post-Ordinance dated 10.12.13 issued by the Govt. Download
Memo No. Ch-104/UH/GA-382/L 25.04.2015 Regarding review the existing requirement of attested copies or affidavit in various application forms in a phased manner and make provision for self-certification of documents. Download
Memo No. Ch-02/UH/GA-70/L 16.04.2015 Medical reimbursement to officer/official appointed after 01.01.2006. Download
Memo No. Ch-49/UH/GA-70/Loose 09.04.2015 Empanelment of following hospitals & reimbursement of medical expenses for Haryana Govt. employees/ pensioners & their dependants. Download
Memo No. Ch-19/UH/GA-70/Vol-I 17.02.2015 Empanelment of private hospitals for treatment of employees/officers/pensioners/their dependents. Download
Memo No. Ch-04/UH/GA/-382 09.04.2015 Regarding control on delay in clearing Govt. work-Quarterly report of cases delayed for six months and more ending 30.06.2013,30.09.2013 & 31.12.2013. Download
Memo No. Ch-22/UH/GA-382/L/Vol-IV 09.04.2015 Declaration of Punlic Holiday on Dated 10.04.2015 - Lok Shbha Election 2014. Download
Office Order No. 541/UH/GA-694/L 03.04.2015 It has been decided to remove the disparity of store Organization. Consequently the re-distribution of 10 Nos. Divisional stores under administrative control of SE/S&W, Dhulkote has been done. Download
Memo No. Ch-127/Pen/Misc./Vol-VII 02.04.2015 Regarding Ex-gratia and other facilities to the families of deceased Govet. employees who die while in service reimbursement of tution fee in a school/collage. Download
Memo No. Ch-128/UH/Pen/Misc./Vol-VII 02.04.2015 Notification No. 2/26/2013-1/Pension . Download
Memo No. Ch-72/UH/HR-II/NG-G-159 01.04.2015 Lok Sabha General Election 2014- Model Code of Conduct. Download
Memo No. Ch-28/UH/GA-/Rectt./Court case/L 31.03.2015 CWP No. 12416 of 2012 Anil Panniklar Vs States of Haryana-Filling of Affidavit/Written statements three days prior to the date fixed in the court cases. Download
Memo No. Ch-540/UH/GA-237/Rectt. 31.03.2015 Internal Complaints Committee. Download
Memo No. Ch-118/UH/HR-II/NG-657 27.03.2015 The national promotion/deemed date of promotion is to be given and pay fixed in tha case of.. Download
Memo No. Ch-2/UH/P-27/Misc-336 26.03.2015 Release of pensionary benefits to the retirees. Download
Memo No. Ch-1/UH/P-27/Misc-336 26.03.2015 Monitoring of Court Cases. Download
Memo No. Ch-19/UH/GA-70/Vol-III 25.03.2015 Regarding amendment in the rate of reimbursement of medical bills related to:- Download
Memo No. Ch-18/UH/GA-382/LooseVol-VI 20.03.2015 CWP No 15988 of 2013 titled as Court on its own motion V/s State of Punjab and Haryana. Download
Memo No. Ch-98/UH/GA-382/L 11.03.2015 Non-compliance of the direction of the Haryana Human Rights Commission, Chandigarh. Download
Memo No. Ch-151/UH/HR-II/G-59/Vol-VII 20.03.2015 Regarding decision taken on demands of emplpoyees in metting held on 26.02.2015 of representatives of Haryana Karamchari Talmel Committee with Hon'ble Chief Minister at Civil Sec.. Download
Office Order No. 82/UH/GA-63/Reg. 20.03.2015 Amendment of office order no. 76/UH/GA-63/Reg. Download
Memo No. 160/UH/GA-12/T/Vol-I 19.03.2015 Reduction in telephone bills adoption of CUG Schemes of BSNL. Download
Memo No.Ch-21/UH/GA-70/Vol-I 20.03.2015 Empanelment of Private Hospitals for treatment of Haryana Govt. employees/officers/pensioners and their denpendents. Download
Memo No. 96/UH/GA-382/Loose 07.03.2015 Regarding acknowledgement on receipt of application. Download
Memo No. 81/UH/GA-26/Reg 06.03.2015 The officers were designated as SPIOs and First Appellate Authority for various offices. Download
Memo No. 77/UH/HR-II/160/L 19.02.2015 Minutes of the Metting with Haryana Power Corporation SC/ST & BC Employee Union held on 14.01.2015 (Tuesday) under the Chairmanship of Director/OP, UHBVN, Panchkula. Download
Office Order No. 428/Conf-2580 20.02.2015 Panel for the purpose of conducting regular departmental enquiries against ALM/LM/AFM/JE Download
Memo No.Ch-119/UH/Pen/Misc./Vol-VII 20.02.2015 Grant of family pension to the widows /divorced daughter clarification thereof Download
Memo No.Ch-118/UH/Pen/Misc./Vol-VII 20.02.2015 Recovery of overpayment of Pension/family pension due to death or any other reason Download
Memo No.Ch-117/UH/Pen/Misc./Vol-VII 20.02.2015 Regarding counting of adhoc /work charged service towards ACP Scale in the Cadre Download
Memo No.Ch-116/UH/Pen/Misc./Vol-VIII 20.02.2015 Ex-gratia grant and other facilities to the families of Govt. Employees Download
Memo No.Ch-70/UH/GA-10 19.02.2015 Engagement of Data Entry Operator through M/s Hartron Informatics Limited Download
Office Order No. 80/UH/GA/Powers-35/Reg 12.02.2015 Delegation of power to Director Operation Download
Memo No.Ch-92/UH/GA-382/L 03.02.2015 Submission of cases in Finance Departments (Pay Revision Branch) by the Administrative Departments for seeking advice/vetting of court cases etc. Download
Memo No.Ch-27/UH/GA-93/Vol-I 29.01.2015 Deletion of objectionable words from letter No. 22/10/2013-I GSIII dated 28.02.2013 Download
Memo No.Ch-11/UH/GA-382/Loose-Vol-IV. 17.01.2015 CWP No. 26382 of 2013 (O&M) titled as Rupinder Singh Saini V/s State of Punjab and another. Download
Memo No.Ch 57 /UH/GA-Misc./Court Case Dated: -22.01.2015. 22.01.2015 CWP No. 11216 of 2010-Sub-Divisional Officer V/s Satish Kumar and another. Download
Memo No.Ch-152/UH/GA-382/Loose-II. 09.01.2015 Panel of Senior Advocates/Advocates for conducting case of Haryana State in the Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court, Subordinate Courts in Delhi, CAT, and other Tribunals locates at Delhi. Download
Memo No.Ch-83&84 /UH/HR-II/NG-G-59 17.01.2015 Call for three days strike on 21,22&23.01.2015. Download
Memo No.Ch-44/UH/GA-44/Rectt. 08.01.2015 Reservation of Post for the childrec of Ex-servicemen in services of the Haryana State. Download
Memo No.Ch-152/UH/GA-35/Reg. 03.01.2015 Amendment in Delegation of Power No. 59(A). Download
Memo No.Ch-53/UH/GA-Mis/Court case 06.01.2015 CWP No 11216 of 2010 -Sub-Divisional Officer V/s Satish Kumar and another. Download
Memo No.Ch-12/UH/GA-70/Vol-I/Loose-II/G-15 02.01.2015 Empanelme of Private Hospitals for treatment of Haryana Govt. employees/pensioners and their denpendents. Download