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Sr No. Number Date Subject  
1 Memo No. 19/UH/GA-70/Vol-I 17.02.2014 Empanelment of Private hospitals for Treatment of Employees/Officers/Pensioners/their dependents. Download
2 Memo No. 18/UH/GA-382/Loose/Vol-IV 20.03.2014 CWP No. 15988 of 2013 titled as Court on its own motion V/s State of Punjab and Haryana. Download
3 Memo No. Ch-19/UH/GA-70/Vol-III. 25.03.2014 Regarding Amendment in the Rate of Reimbursement of Medical Bill. Download
4 Memo No. Ch-12/UH/GA-126/Rectt. 28.03.2014 Grant of Reservation in jobs under Govt./Govt. Undertakings & Local Bodies as well as in admission in Govt. aided Educational/Technical/Professionals Institutions. Download
5 Office Order No. 540/UH/GA-237 31.03.2014 Internal Complaints Committee for prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at work place Act 2013. Download
6 Memo No. Ch-28/UH/GA-/Rectt./Court Case/L 31.03.2014 CWP No. 12416 of 2012 Anil Pannoklar Vs State of Haryana. Download
7 Office Order No. 541/UH/GA-694/L 03.04.2014 Re-distribution of 10 No. Divisional Stores under SE/S&W, Dhulkote. Download
8 Memo No.Ch-02/UH/GA-382 07.04.2014 Instructions relating to deletion of all references on Politicians/Miniters on official website. Download
9 Office Order No. 129/UH/HR-II/EBG-220 07.04.2014 Deemed Date of Seniority as AEE of Sh. Sanjeev Kumar w.e.f. 22.11.10. Download
10 Memo No.Ch-04/UH/GA 382 09.04.2014 Regarding Control on delay in clearing Govt. Work-Quaterly report of cases delayed for six months and more.... Download
11 Memo No.Ch-22/UH/GA-382/L/Vol-IV 09.04.2014 General Administration Department Notification that the day of poll i.e. 10.04.2014....... Download
12 Memo No.Ch-19/UH/HR-II/ACR-10-A/Gen-2013 15.04.2014 Writing/Submission of Annual Confidential Reports. Download
13 Memo No.Ch-02/UH/GA-70/L 16.04.2014 Medical Reimbursement to officer/official appointed after 01.01.2006. Download
14 Office Order No. 159/UH/HR-II/EG-441 18.04.2014 Designated as Nodal on behalf of UHBVN to have regular interaction with DESA. Download
15 Office Order No. 85/UH/GA-34/Reg/Vol-I 23.04.2014 Promotion of Class III to Class IV after passing the Departmental Type Test. Download
16 Memo No. 05/UH/GA-382 25.04.2014 Abilition of distinction between Technical and Non Technical posts- Ordinance dated 10.12.2013 issued by Govt. Download
17 Memo No. Ch-11/UH/GA-382/L 28.04.2014 Procedure for consideration of specific proposals of Public Enterprises. Download
18 Memo No. Ch-26/UH/GA-382/Loose/Vol-IV 28.04.2014 To Review/Monitor the filling of Replies/Affidavits in the Hon'ble Courts well before time. Download
19 Memo No. Ch-13/UH/GA-382 29.04.2014 General Election to Lok Sabha, 2014....................... Download
20 Memo No. Ch-25/ACR-10/Gen-2013 02.05.2014 Writing/Submission of ACR/APR for period 2013-14 and Property Returns. Download
21 Memo No. Ch-22/UH/GA-382/L 23.05.2014 Stepping up of Senior General Category Employees at par with Junior Counterparts of Reserved Categories Employees. Download
22 Memo No. Ch-9/UH/GA-673 26.05.2014 Instructions regarding Disciplinary Cases. Download
23 Office Order No. 1004/UH/GA-533 02.06.2014 Rates applicable in the Rest/Guest house of UHBVN at Rohtak & Panchkula. Download
24 Memo No.Ch-162/UH/GA-35/Reg 06.06.2014 Amendment in Delegation of Power No. 26 B (ii) & C. Download
25 Memo No.Ch-18/UH/GA-126 09.06.2014 Deletion of objectionable words from Letter No. 22/10/2013-1GSIII dated 28.02.2013. Download
26 Memo No.Ch-34/UH/GA-382/L 12.06.2014 Policy for Engaging/Outsourcing of Services/Activites. Download
27 Memo No.Ch-2/UH/GA/TA/Loose 18.06.2014 Sanctioning of TA Bills for attending the Hon'ble High Court, Chandigarh. Download
28 Memo No.Ch-26/UH/GA-382/L 30.06.2014 Transfer Policy: Regarding Transfer of Gazzetted Officers in their Home Districts. Download
29 Memo No.Ch-3/UH/GA 211/L 01.07.2014 Seeking of Review/Clarifications and Orders of the Commission on various issues by the HPUs. Download
30 Memo No.Ch-3/UH/GA 211/L 03.07.2014 Policy for Engagining/outsourcing of Services/Activities-Guidelines for compliance of Labour Laws. Download
31 Memo No.Ch-168/UH/GA-35/Reg 04.07.2014 Amendment in Delegation of Power No. 49. Download
32 Memo No.Ch-30/UH/GA-382 09.07.2014 Regarding Haryana Rights to Service Act-2014. Download
33 Memo No.Ch-28/UH/GA-382/L 14.07.2014 Initiating of Action for Violation of Election Laws-regarding. Download
34 Memo No.Ch-34/UH/GA-382 16.07.2014 Allocation of Buisness and Disposal of Works at various level of Government-Implementing of Court Orders and Filling joint reply. Download
35 Memo No.Ch-3/UH/GA/TA/L 31.07.2014 Sanctioning of TA bills for attending the Hon'ble High Court, Chandigarh. Download
36 Memo No.Ch-5/UH/GA-70/Loose/Memorandum 28.08.2014 Uniformity in Approved Hospitals of Power Utilities. Download
37 Office Order No. 1055/UH/GA-700 18.09.2014 A Committee of officers comprised to scrutinize each Disciplinary Cases of AE/AEE. Download
38 Office Order No. 24/UH/GA-218/Vol-I 10.10.2014 Directives given to DISCOMs under Commission's order on Aggregated Revenue Requirement of UHBVN and DHBVN. Download
39 Memo No.Ch-31/ACR-10/Gen-2014 04.11.2014 Writing/Submission of APRs/ACRs for the year 2013-14 and Pending for previous years. if any. Download
40 Memo No.Ch-03/UH/GA-126/Rectt./Loose 11.11.2014 Grant of Reservation in jobs under Govt./Govt. Undertakings & Local Bodies. Download
41 Memo No.Ch-70/UH/GA-382 27.11.2014 Reduction in the age of Superannuation from 60 years to 58 years of Govt Employees and from 62 to 60 years in case of Group D Employees. Download