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GM Admin Order/Notification


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Sr No. Number Date Subject  
1 Memo no.ch-30/UH/GA-293/Loose 30.12.2011 Guidelines regarding Litigation Policy Download
2 Memo no.ch-81/UH/GA-479/Cadre 30.12.2011 Notification for creation of police stations for Irrigation and Power Department Download
3 Memo no.ch-147/UH/GA-26/Reg 28.12.2011 Regarding organizing of seminar and providing the FAQ on Right to Information Download
4 Memo no.ch-107/UH/GA-/Loan/Policy-27 23.12.2011 Recovery of interest on House Building/Motor Car/Moped/Scooter/Motor Cycle/Computer/Marriage Advances granted to the Government employees. Download
5 Memo no.ch-73/UH/GA-26/Vol-II/Reg. 19.10.2011 Supply of noting to the applicant as sought under Right to information Act-2005 Download
6 Memo No.CH-31/UH/GA-382/L-III 31.10.2011 COCP No.1935 of 2011-Ashok Gautam Vs.Urvashi Gulati & Ors. dealing with the Court order in an unconcerned and callous manner by functionaries of the state Download
7 84/UH/GA-10/REG 28.10.2011 Amendments in the existing Recruitment & Promotion Policy Download
8 Memo No.Ch-158/UH/GA-296/Norms 02.11.2011 Clarification regarding mobile bill limit Download
9 Memo No.Ch-29/UH/GA-382/L-III 20.10.2011 1.Regarding observance of protocol in correspondence. 2.Action to be taken on the recommendations of Haryana Lokayukta Annual-Report 2010-2011 Download
10 Memo No.Ch-27/UH/GA-293/Loose 18.10.2011 Haryana State Litigation Policy-2010 Download
11 Memo No.Ch-24/UH/GA-382/L-III 10.10.2011 R.F.A. No.5377 of 2010-Smt.Dhan Kaur V/s State of Haryana-filing of replies/petitions/affidavits in the Courts. Download
12 Memo No.Ch-22/UH/GA-382/L-III 13.09.2011 Commission for the protection of Child Rights ACT-2005 Download
13 Memo No.Ch-42/UH/GA-382/L-1 06.09.2011 Regarding written of name plates of offices/officcers in both hindi and English in the offices of State Government. Download
14 Memo No. CH-20/UH/GA-293/L 08.08.2011 Instruction regarding Haryana State Litigation Policy,2010 Download
15 Memo No. CH-35/UH/GA-189 08.07.2011 Instruction regarding economy measures. Download
16 Memo No. CH-15/UH/GA-382/L-III 08.06.2011 Instructions regarding attending the Legal Notice/Notice of demand and their prompt disposal Download
17 Memo No. CH-679/UH/Nodal Officer 20.05.2011 Non Compliance of Court Orders Download
18 Memo No. CH-9/UH /GA-382/L-III 11.02.2011 Regarding action to be taken on the recommendations of Haryana Lokayukta Annual report-2009-2010 Download
19 Memo No. CH-22/UH /GA-382/L-II 11.02.2011 Regarding bringing the Court orders/directions to notice of Admin Secretaries/Head of Departments Download
20 Memo No. CH-23/UH / GA-382 20.01.2011 Acceptance of recommendations of 6th CentralPayCommission for enhancement of Maternity Leave Download
21 Memo No. CH-2/UH / GA-58/Reg 20.01.2011 Passing of Safety Code Examination- Exemption there from. Download