• Existing Sales Circulars on Major Issues

Sr. No. Subject Sales Circulars No.(Download)
1. Theft of Electricity U-54/2007 U-11/2008 U-16/2008 U-18/2009 U-24/2009 U-23/2010 U-24/2011
2. Un-authorized Use of Electricity U-60/2007
3. Recovery of additional security from the existing consumers U-43/2006
4. Distribution Open Access U-13/2010 U-20/2010 U-35/2010 U-42/2010 U-13/2011
5. Delegation of powers for sanction of Load U-10/2011
6. Procedure for calculation of connected load of consumers U-09/2004 U-31/2004 U-22/2011
7. Billing of Domestic and Non-domestic consumers during the period when the meters remain defective/dead stop/burnt /faulty or inoperative/premises locked. U-29/2011
8. Policy in respect of Essential Feeders. U-06/2010
9. Policy in respect of Continuous Process Industries. U-07/2010
10. Tariff of various categories w.e.f. 01.10.2010 U-19/2011 U-26/2011
11. Fuel surcharge adjustment U-23/2010