To arrange for the supply of electricity that may be required within the jurisdiction of UHBVN in an efficient & economical manner, with particular reference to the areas, which are not for the time being supplied or adequately supplied with electricity.
To supply electricity as soon as practicable to a licensee/other person requiring such supply.
To exercise such control in relation to the generation, distribution & utilization of electricity within the area of jurisdiction of UHBVN.
To collect data on the demand for, and the use of, electricity & to formulate perspective plans in co-ordination with the Generating Company or Generating Companies, if any, operating in the State for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity within its jurisdiction.
To prepare and carry out schemes for transmission, distribution & generally for promoting the use of electricity within the State.
To maintain uninterrupted supply to consumers within limits of following declared voltage

+6% to -6% +6% to -9% +10% to -12.5%
Low/Medium Voltage (0-650 V) High Voltage (650 V to 33 KV) Extra High Voltage (Above 33 KV)